Niles Harper Guitars & Amps


Brand: Marshall
Model: Lead 12 Mini-Stack                PRICE: $299.00 USD
Year Made:
Color: White Tolex                                             
Serial #: 
Case: N/A
Condition: Excellent
Description: Don't be fooled by it's size. This little stack rocks a 12watt head 
    and two 10" Celestion cabs. Solid state that sounds like JCM tubes. The best 
    part about this, besides the creamy tone, is the fact that you can use this head 
    to drive other cabs like your 4x12 or your Fender Bassman cabinet etc.  You 
    can also use the Celestion cabinets as extensions for your Fender Blackface amps 
    and such. You are getting such a variety of tonal possibilities if you think out of 
    the box a little. Great for recording.  Google these amps and check out the buzz
     about them.  Great little stack. 

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